Arunachal Pradesh Tourism – Tezpur-Bhalukpong-Bomdila-Tawang Tourist Circuit

Arunachal Pradesh Tourism Places The circuit covers a distance of 350KM starting from Tezpur, the Headquaters of Sonitpur district in Assam to the 17th century Monastery built on a jutting spur overlooking the Tawang valley at an altitude of 10,000 ft. Arunachal Pradesh Tourism Bhalukpong: (56KMs from Tezpur and 213m above msl) is the entry point

Arunachal Pradesh Heritage – A Treasure trove of Heritage

Tawang Monastery - Arunachal Pradesh Heritage Arunachal Pradesh Heritage, a  home to many monument and archaeological sites, which for long, have been acting as sources of inspiration for many historians. These places of worship and pilgrimages such as Parasuram Kund, 400 years old Tawand Monastery, Gorsham Chorten are drawing large number of pilgrims every year. The

Arunachal Pradesh – A land of Wildlife Sanctuary and Adventures

Wildlife Sanctuary and Adventures Arunachal Pradesh is the only state that can claim to have four major varieties of the big cats in its jungles. The most widely found wild cats are Tiger, Leopard, Clouded Leopard and Snow Leopard. Then there are the lesser feline species like the golden cat and marbled cat. More than

Arunachal Pradesh – A Gateway to Serenity

Arunachal Pradesh – A Gateway to Serenity Arunachal Pradesh, a veritable treasure house of nature, tucked away in the north eastern tip of India, invites you to relax in its picturesque hills and vales encircled on the three sides by Bhutan, China and Myanmar. Come to Arunachal Pradesh to revel in the nature in its

Exploring Konkan tourist places serenity through Train travel

Exploring Konkan tourist places or Konkan tourism through Train travel Gadgets ruling our daily chores and living a mechanical life enslaved to your choking schedule results in a longing for spending some quality time in the vicinity of nature; and what could be better than the pristine experience which Konkan tourism has to offer! Western Ghats from Maharashtra, India, have

Rock Garden – Most unique and Sculptural attraction in Chandigarh

As the name suggest, Rock Garden is the most unique and Sculptural attraction in Chandigarh city in Northern part of India. Rock Garden is an epitome of creativity and Innovation with best example of recycling at its best. As we said, the Rock Garden is the best example of recycled wasted products used from Industrial

Rose Garden Chandigarh a worth place to visit in Chandigarh City

Rose Garden a worth place to visit in Chandigarh City Rose Garden in Chandigarh, as the name suggests is home to enormous number of flowers with exquisite beauty that steals the heart of many. Rose Garden in Chandigarh is also known as the Zakir Hussain Rose garden which is named after India’s former President, Zakir Hussain.

Chandigarh – The Best Planned city in Northern India

Chandigarh is one of the best and planned city in India. It is also one of the Business Hub for the northern part of India. Chandigarh was the first city in India post Independence that followed planned urbanization. Chandigarh itself being an union territory also serves as the capital for the state of Haryana and

Bangkok – The most preferred Holiday spot in Thailand

Bangkok – The most preferred Holiday spot in Thailand Thailand’s business center or the capital of the country, Bangkok, is a most buzzing metropolitan of high rise buildings, magnificent palaces, ancient temples, glittering nightclubs, bustling markets and streets lined with vendors hawking souvenirs and tantalizing foods. While as well all are aware about this cosmopolitan

Top Austria places to visit – Beautiful Europe

Top austria places to visit - Beautiful Europe Glorious Alpine scenery, monumental Habsburg architecture, and the world’s favourite musical – Austria’s tourist industry certainly plays up to the clichés. However, it’s not all bewigged Mozart ensembles and schnitzel; modern Austria boasts some of Europe’s most varied museums and contemporary architecture not to mention attractive and sophisticated

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