PNR Status – Get PNR status checked for railway ticket before journey

PNR Status – Get PNR status checked for railway tickets before journey

Tired of having to go to the railway station just to check or enquiry your Indian railway ticket PNR status. Ever wished there was an efficient train trip confirmation system available for everyone? Well, your wishes are now granted! Check out the PNR Status Check website, your online passenger name record (PNR) number confirmation tool that will give you all the information you need regarding your ticket and other information. Navigating this site is an easy as ABC!. Just type your 10 digit PNR Number and click the get PNR Status tab. This is one of the easiest way of PNR status enquiry or to know status of PNR railway.

Check PNR status of your IRCTC reservations. Enter below the 10-digit PNR, and click the Get PNR Status button.

Type your 10 digit PNR number here:        


In order to check the PNR Status of your indian Railway ticket, you just need to key in your 10-digit PNR number, click the tab beside it and the system will generate the information for you. It shows whether your trip is confirmed, modified, or cancelled. You can also get re-booking information as well as additional railway data. Another good thing about this site is that you can get access to supplementary information which you may need for your train trips like travel pointers, as well as ideal places to visit here in India.

So don’t despair anymore. Your search for a modern and progressive Indian railway information tool is now over. Browse the website and check out its inside pages. Leave comments and posts in the fan page. Remember, this website was created for you so make sure to get all the benefits you can get from it!

Some of the other options to check PNR Status for your Railway Ticket by using the SMS option available in our mobile phones. We just need to go into the application features from your mobile phone service provider. We simply need to send the 10 digit PNR number provided on our railway ticket. Within a few seconds, the PNR Status of our Indian railway ticket will be available.

Call to check PNR Status for Railway Ticket : The other option to check PNR status is through Phone call to special no. 138. Here we just need to call and provide the 10 digit PNR number from the railway ticket to the customer support, within few seconds, they will provide us with the latest status of the ticket. Its always safe and better to know the exact status of our railway ticket before starting the journey.

Disclaimer: The pnr status results shown in this website are from indian railway website and have not been tampered or modified by any means. is neither affiliated with The Ministry of Railways nor Government of India. PNR Status is shown on the interest of public and as per the common man request; the railway pnr status websites are not properly formatted and also filled up with annoying ads. For any queries please contact:

pnr status


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