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Now, patrons of the Indian Railways or IRCTC has a reason to celebrate as it introduces and officially launches the PNR Status Check website. This online railway travel assistance tool aims to provide railway status check applications for Indian railway tickets. Created or conceived in July 2012, it is finally made available for public use. This easy to navigate website is designed to make railway trip booking, checking, and confirmation simple, efficient, and convenient for everyone.

One of the PNR Status Check website's objectives is to provide features which can help in checking e-tickets status, train status, and station information for Indian rail. This is dedicated for all loyal and potential Indian railway users or passengers as well as travel and tours personnel. All they need to do is key or type in their 10-digit passenger name record (PNR) number then click the "Get PNR Status" tab beside it to find the PNR number they are seeking to confirm. The great news is that patrons can get access to reservation statuses in the Northern, Southern, and Central railways through this online system.

 They already have efficient PNR status check applications which patrons can rely on. The website even has a travel blog page that features blogs and articles about the different tourist spots to check in India. Aside from that, users can also learn about some useful traveling tips. They also plan to provide additional features for checking train status, train station information and a lot more. The website's creators are looking into developing the website and making it the one and only reliable and credible railway information in the land.

And as if that's not enough, the website also allows users to post casual stories and anecdotes in the fan page for other users to see. The website may not have a lot of tabs and inside pages as of the moment but the creators and developers are dedicated and committed to the task of improving it as the weeks and months passes by. Eventually, this website will have a high page rank and maybe even made available for social media channels.

Another good thing about the website is that it provides explanations and guide which will help patrons in figuring out or understanding the PNR status set of information. This is a big help to everyone, especially to foreigners who will be visiting India for the first time. A developed and updated website saves trouble or cost of hiring separate railway information employees whose task would be to help patrons or customers in their travel woes.

Check out and take advantage of the benefits it has to offer. Watch out for additional website features in the upcoming weeks and months. Maximize the perks that you can get from this efficient online railway information tool

Indian Railway Travellers would have come across various methods for checking the irctc pnr status. However, today saw the launch of a unique and informative website for all your queries related to PNR status check. The website was launched with aplomb in Mumbai for the use of numerous rail commuters in India. The website not only allows you to check the status of your reservations with railways, but also provides vital information related to the various advancements and innovations done by India Railways in regards to indian PNR Status.

The promoters were quoted as saying that "This is good news for all the rail commuters for checking their pnr status. Additionally, the important information about PNR will keep you updated about the latest happenings in this domain, thus proving vital for your further endeavors related to ticket bookings and reservations."

There are millions of individuals who use the India railway for commuting across the country and the biggest issue faced by them is the checking of the status of PNR about their tickets. With, this has been made easy. Though this is not the official website for the Indian Railways, you can always check you reservation statuses here. The official website is most of the times slow due to the huge visitor traffic on it, and hence, people are not able to view their pnr status check easily. With the launch of this new website, you are in a better position to view the status and start your journey preparations early to save last minute hassles.

The results about the rail pnr status is quickly made available on this website. Quite few people are aware that PNR can be checked via their mobile phones too. Such and other vital information is available on for the comfort of passengers and other people. You can browse through the various informative pages of the website and increase your knowledge about the IRCTC PNR status.

To get the PNR Status just enter your 10 digit PNR number on the box provided in the website and you can avail of the status of your tickets. For further information about the website and other details

 Get PNR status of railway or enquiry about PNR status. Check online status of PNR and get PNR enquiry from Indian railways. To check PNR railway, enter the PNR for your booking below to get the current status.

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